||Jai Sri Gurudev ||
Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust [R.]

Sri Adhichunchanagiri Rural Children Education Development Program

Sri Adichunchanagiri Math, Chickkaballapur Division, 562101
||Jai Sri Gurudev ||
Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust[R.]

Sri Adi Chunchanagiri Rural children Education Development Program

Sri Adichunchanagiri Math, Chickkaballapur Division, 562101


The main desire of sacred educational program is to create awareness both among the parents, children and other members of the family about the cleanliness, health, education, workaholic culture and cooperation. The teachers with self experience and committed interest will be selected to teach the children the vidya vikasana scheme. These teachers have been given special training in the selected villages in order to implement the objectives of the project as envisaged and visualised by our swamiji.

11 villages in the logistics of the planning is a major project in 11 schools of vidya vikasa. The sacred educational program has successfully conducted teaching training to the students in backward villages like singatakaderenahall, Manchanabele, Arikere, Kamasettihalli, Jangamarappanahalli, Agalagiurki, sigehalli, Acarahalli of doddaballapura taluk, Hanumathapura, chilimenahalli, Ajjakaderenehalli of sidlagatta taluk. The teachers have visited many more villages and communicated and imparted educational and cultural values not only to the students but also to the parents of those children.

So far, more than 850 students from 1st to 10th grade have been benefited from this educational program. Sri Adhichunchanageri mutt has been at the forefront of making its own contributions to the all round developments of society. Besides this religious, moral, social and ecclesiastical activities are also addressed to them. Many students and their parents have experienced and enjoyed the values of Yoga, Meditation, Bhajans, culture and smaskaras.

The rural development is possible only through the educational advancement. That is why Dr. Balagangadharanatha Maha swamiji has started number of educational, social, religious and cultural centres to improve and empower and sanctify the lives of the people.

Parampoojya Jagadguru sri sri sri Dr. Nirmalanandanatha Maha Swamiji is contributing profusely and magnanimously to spread education not only in big cities and town but also in rural areas. The dream of Swamiji is to liberate and emancipate the students and their parents from darkness, inertia and lackadaisicalness towards new light learning and happiness. Poojya Sri Sri Mangalanatha swamiji of chickballapura Shaka mutt is also actively associating with this sacred educational program and doing their best to improve the general conditions of the poor villagers.

The sacred educational expansion program of Parampoojya Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Nirmalanandanatha maha swamiji of sri Adhichunchanagiri shrine and mutt is wholeheartedly dedicated for the advancement of the rural students and their parents. The sacred program of our Swamiji is the strong foundation to promote education in the rural areas. Education is the only positive, dynamic power and wealth, which will promote all sided developments of the society. The children who are living in hilly areas and other backward villages have deprived of education. Dr. Nirmalanandanatha Maha Swamiji is endearingly decided and dedicated to spread education and spiritual principles and workaholic culture to the children of backward and other rural areas.

The student’s and their parents in many rural areas have realised, understood and experienced the importance of education, meditation, bhajans culture and other humanitarian values. They have expressed their unfathomable and unscalable pleasure, happiness and gratitude to our Swamiji for providing noble and remarkable services and contributions to different fields of mankind like education, food, health and many more and more.