||Jai Sri Gurudev ||
Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust [R.]

Sri Adhichunchanagiri Rural Children Education Development Program

Sri Adichunchanagiri Math, Chickkaballapur Division, 562101
||Jai Sri Gurudev ||
Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust[R.]

Sri Adi Chunchanagiri Rural children Education Development Program

Sri Adichunchanagiri Math, Chickkaballapur Division, 562101


The village Jadalathimmanahalli is located in Chikkaballapura Taluk of Chikkaballapura District in the State of Karnataka in India. It is governed by MuddenaHalli Gram Panchayat. It comes under Chikkaballapura Community Development Block.

The nearest town is Chikkaballapura, which is about 3kilometers away from Jadalathimmanahalli. Agalagurki is the gram Panchayat of Jadalathimmanahalli village. The total geographical area of village is 31.7 hectares. 888 persons live in 226 households in the village Jadalathimmanahalli. There are 437 female individuals and 451 male individuals in the village. Females constitute 49.21% and males constitute 50.79% of the total population. Population density of Jadalathimmanahalli is 620.33 persons per square kilometer. Importance about village.

The village is important because it is the primary sector of agricultural production for our country. The village is the backbone of India’s economy. It also plays a major role in maintaining the ecological balance of the environment. Villages are mostly covered with trees and plants.

Sri Anjaneya temple 200 years old was opened by Hanumanthappa and with the help of village people he built the temple.

Later Sri Sri Sri Dr. Nirmalananda Natha Maha Swamiji established Navagraha idols.

Every Saturday Bhajans and rituals will be conducted by village people and pooja was offering on every pournima day of all the months.

The main festival “Kadleye kayi Parse” was celebrated grandly which falls in the month of Karthika maasa and this was taken place at the gate of the village near Sri Mutt, Chikkaballapura.

People of village continued their ancestors clan profession(Kula kasubu) Weaving as their main occupation. Now electric weaving machines are used by many people provided by Government and few people grow flowers, ragi and paddy in their farm.

Entrance of village Nandi cold storage is available where Potato cold storage plays an important role. People from many places come and purchase seeds of potato for growing and selling purpose.

Seeds factory which provide good quality seeds to farmers near industrial area are adding employment to the people of village

People from many places visits Nandhi called “Dakshina Kashi” mythological background “Kanve Basvanna” world famous Nandi Hills and popular adventurous Skandagiri surrounded by Jadalathimmanahalli is also know for tourist.

M.Vishvesvaraya was born in MuddenaHalli of Mysore Kingdom (present-day Chikkaballapura district of Karnataka).

Centre Description

centre was started on 21st July 2022. Students will begin their class with prayer and meditation. Discipline is very important to have success in life, discipline in a student’s life acts as the building block for success.

Teachers serve additional input and make things easy for children to understand and practice and not just a time and place for completing homework given in the school. Each and every students get personalized attention with teachers. Teaching & doubts cleared for complete understanding, further strengthening by problem solving & tutorials.

Students can have some entertainments like participating in Sports, storytelling, quiz, sing, paper craft works and board practice.

Based on the cultural and national festivals such Krishna Janmastami and Independence Day are celebrated.